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St. Croix Underground is a locally owned business based in Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota. We offer various service including: Invisible Fencing Installation, Burying a Hardwired Connection to an Out Building, and Home Networking. We also provide other low-voltage service upon request!


Who Am I?

Justin Lorinser - Owner

Hello! I'm Justin Lorinser, I've been working in the low voltage industry for 24 years. My initial job was installing second phone lines for dial up Internet in 1997, that's before cell phones! My career has grown and adapted to the ever-changing advancements of internet. This is a career I am highly experienced in and passionate about! I've lived in Washington County nearly all my life! I currently reside in Marine on St. Croix with my 3 daughters, who are 16,11, and 9 years old.


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450 Tanglewood Lane, Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota, 55047


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